145 years ago, the world changed. Bell called his assistant on the phone

Dest bezen has entered the world history with an indelible dog. In 1876, the historically first official telephone call took place on this day. Those days after obtaining the patent, it was performed in his laboratory in a house on the then Exeter Place in Boston by a Scottish native Alexander Graham Bell.

Alexander Graham Bell p

The content of the historically first phone call was certainly practical. Bell then called an assistant to Thomas Watson at the time of the patent of the patented device (patent number 174,465, issued March 7, 1876).

That important day, including a transcript of the call today, commemorates the plaques placed on the buildings on the corner of Avenue de Lafayette and Harrison in Boston. The transfer took place in their attic lab in a building not far from Exeter Place slo 5, one of them said. The original cul-de-sac, in which the house with Bell Lab was located, probably became part of the Avenue de Lafayette with the construction of the Boston Central Business District.

It’s not the only city in Boston associated with Bell’s invention. The memorial plaque in front of the John F. Kennedy Federal Building on Cambridge Street is reminiscent of the birth of the telephone, the place where Bell and Watson constructed the telephone. The second experiment, ie the historically first transmission of sound after the pulp, was carried out on June 2, 1875 in the attic of house 109 on the then Court Street.

Bell, born in 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland to the family of a professor of phonetics, was initially interested in the education of the deaf. Thanks to his mother, who soon became deaf, he has mastered the character e from an early age. Two years later, together with his parents, his brother emigrated to Canada after the death of his two.

He traded his promising curry for uncertain attempts

From 1873 until 1876 she was Professor of Proverbs and Physiology at Boston University. He received an offer from the parents of two of his two students for a laboratory in their house so that he could devote himself to his experiments. In 1874 he hired inenro Thomas Watson to implement the npad. He could afford it, thanks to the birth of the telegraph operation, Bell’s supporter was willing to fund his research.

From July 2, 1875, when Watson vibrated one of the telegraph’s metal tongues while working on an improved telegraph apartment, it was transferred to a similar device at the other end of the line, and Bellsousted to build an apartment capable of penetrating the water. He filed a patent application about seven months later, on November 14, 1876.

The inventor of the phone was decided by the clock

The bag was not the only one. On the same day he arrived at the thoad and gave the inventor. Certainly Elisha Gray demanded recognition of his supposed, unique phone idea. The gray bag arrived a few hours later, so in 1876 the patent was first acquired by Bell (see Bell’s patent on the telephone for more information. Only two hours later).

Just after the first phone call, Bell made the first long phone call. From a house in Brantford, Ontario, on August 10, 1876, he called his assistant in the eight-kilometer-long town of Paris. Two years later, Bell, in New Havenzaloil, Connecticut, was the first telephone exchange, and in 1884, a long distance was connected between Boston and New York.

The famous Frz, which enrolled in the DJs, was repeated by Bell 39 years later. This happened in 1915 during the formal launch of telephone lines between the American entrance and the West. Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see, said Bell Watson, who this time replied that it would take him a week. At that moment, he was in second time in San Francisco.