A hacker stole a billion crowns in bitcoins from a large cryptobourse

The Binance exchange announced that an unknown hacker and hackers had stolen seven thousand bitcoins from them. tonk gathered a large number of logins from different users, then selected a pension. The client will not be given a code, Binance lost the funds he intended to pay from his deposits.


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An exchange getting hacked is not the same as #Bitcoin getting hacked. Bitcoin is fine.

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Cryptomnabitcoin is on the rise again in recent months, its value has risen by an edest percent since 2019.


Price development from 8th to 8th May 2019. Source: Bitcoincharts.org, Bitstamp Exchange, medin

And first, this number encouraged the action of a hacker, who collected data from several cry users of the cryptoburse Binance.

In a single transaction, he transferred a total of about 7,000 BTC from various wallets in total values ​​of around 952 million crowns. This was announced on their website by the operator of the Binance stock exchange with a message to Malta, which is one of the largest cryptoburgs in the world.

The hackers were patient and managed to carry out a time-organized cross-country through a large number of seemingly independent t. The transaction was set up to pass our security checks. Unfortunately, we were unable to prevent the transfer of funds before the transaction, said Changpeng Zhao, Binance Stock Exchange

The thief will not lose his pension, but he will not be able to handcuff them

Clients will not lose their deposits. The Binance Exchange has committed to paying the codes from its own reserves for all the codes. We will cover it from our fund of deposits. We lost it, but it did not ruin, said f stock exchange on Twitter. We thank the large stock exchange, including Coinbas, who agreed to reject all transactions associated with this flow.

The paradox of my bitcoin is a combination of anonymity (do not know to whom the wallet belongs) and transparency (where the transaction is always saved and take access). Therefore, it will always be possible to trace that some transactions come from this magnifying glass. And the big stock exchanges (or whoever gave it) can decide not to trade with this hunter.

Both hackers and hackers can try to prevent such a step from being stolen by bitcoins properly or by splitting as many addresses as possible to keep track. Toners can move funds to exchanges that do not require identification of customers (KYC – Know Your Customer), exchange bitcoins for some other cryptocurrencies such as Monero or Zcash and thus erase their tracks, explains Amy Castorov, a novelty dealing with cryptocurrencies.

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According to @Coinfirm_io analysis the @Binance hacker has recently moved over 1214 #BTC (~$7.16M) to new addresses

But almost 5786 BTC (~$34.14M) still sit on the #Binance hackers original addresses
More exclusive insights coming!https://t.co/CdRIXAT8dC https://t.co/YUVrHeVOhn

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It’s a lesson for our lessons, but it’s under uiten lessons. It is up to the user to protect deposits, said f stock exchange. He added that most of the deposit is stored on wallets, which hackers technically can not access.

f fzyry stated that he did not intend to design bitcoin communities rollback, ie returning etn books to the state before the flow. After all, such a step would have practically zero anchors, so no one would have a reason to support it and would basically create a new bitcoin.

From a global point of view, the volume of stolen funds is quite negligible. The total value of all bitcoins is now $ 104 billion, and your stolen funds do not change me per mille.

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An exchange getting hacked is not the same as #Bitcoin getting hacked. Bitcoin is fine.

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Update: We have updated the information about the stolen bitcoin sweat. We have added a chart with the development of the BTC / USD price. We have added gave details on what to do with the means dt by.