A new social phenomenon. You are a gentle yen popovdte

It is only inviting and you can’t do anything else in it, not to talk to other members in real time. The popularity of the social clubhouse has risen sharply also because in the pandemic, the common pressure is still lacking.

Social network

Only those owners of iPhones and iPads can download the Clubhouse social application, and only those who have received an invitation from an existing member can actually sign up. You can’t write or send pictures on the wall, the only form of communication here is a voice call with other users within the given virtual room.

We can imagine the Clubhouse as such a virtual VIP club, where various technology enthusiasts, well-known names of the Internet, but also celebrities stand in various big heads. They talk to each other about what is the current subject of the room. You can then either join the call or simply listen to the conversation passively as such a podcast.

Sociln does not archive any of its content, and since in real time, you can capture you in the late course of the last trek of the debate, and as soon as the virtual room closes, you have no way to get into it and you can’t listen to anything back. So far, the modern debate is quite difficult, and in the future, with increasing sweat, the user will certainly be very challenging for the first.

The magic of this is the first in its exclusivity, because the ride (yet) is not overwhelmed by the user and the hunter has the impression that there is a people in the company with whom you can discuss various topics and even make new working contacts. This is what this is all about, because it brings together people from the Internet who have a lot of honor and can theoretically have some cooperation.

At the same time, however, the Clubhouse also has the function of an ordinary pub, where under normal conditions we would meet with friends and meet some new people, and at one table we were just talking about everything. This is not possible in the current conditions of coronavirus measures, and therefore the people resort to such alternatives. I dare say that without coronavirus and limited interpersonal contact, Clubhouse would be much more difficult to promote.

Anyway, you have to find yourself in the right social bubble and have fun hunting for invitations on the Internet. A short example of eBay auction portals or the Reddit discussion server is to find out that a number of individuals have turned their business into business and selling them for prices of around five hundred crowns or more.

The clubhouse is originally from the USA, where it has been operating since the end of last year. He first spread there in the business sector and got to Europe and in recent days to the Czech Republic. And the first communities are formed here. You can come across a certain Czech room in the Clubhouse practically not smear.

Just wondering if the Clubhouse will become a real big phenomenon or just a short-term popular affair. The bad thing is whether we will soon be able to meet her in person with other people in person, or whether they will be provided with coronavirus for a long time. These are quite important factors that determine this social st.