Buy the biggest smartphone of the year on Black Friday for 10,000 cheaper

ern ptek is here and give us the best discount of the year. And these are often just marketing accents, so we are interested in discounts on smartphone ovens just poured. But be careful and always check the history of the prices of a specific device.

Black Friday

This year, Black Friday is coming out on November 27th. This original American shopping world, if we can call it that day, gradually penetrated the whole world of the Czech Republic. Only local traders have literally made a blame calendar out of this name, and discounts on events under this name have many times a year.

This time, almost all sellers have an event, so there is a lot of money. It is good to be careful and to buy the prices of the specific product. Both among sellers and try to find a history of prices that some people compare. We regularly publish various price events for smartphones on, and you can also find your way around our prices in our countries.

From the experience of previous years, it was often the case that the last big discounts were on Black Friday, followed in December by manufacturers and sellers so willing to reduce prices. But what was, may not apply this year, even given the extremely specific situation.

Some discounts are actually a business activity, although in most cases it will be in cooperation with the manufacturer (and its importer or distributor). The discounts are basically flat, because they are prepared by the brand itself.

Of the largest on the market, we can omit Apple, which will offer a wired card with credit for purchase on selected products on selected products. Pm discounts usually do not, but the details are known and in the bird
November 27.

Samsung took Black Friday a little differently this year. He named the event Color Friday and within it specifically specifies discounts. The promotion works in such a way that when a customer buys those products, he gets the cheapest for free. Pay it for the whole range of characters on its website and you can buy even the same products, pay only two bags. Theoretically, you can get and a discount of 33 percent.

Competitor Huaweinjak introduced the discounts in advance, preparing a very specific event right on Black Friday. It will also be posted on Facebook on November 26 from 20:00 and will present current events during the announcement. It promises a 50 percent discount on the Watch GT 2e asmartphone Y5 2019 watch.

Quite large discounts on the main range of Realme, and on the cheaper model C3 it is a thousand crowns, on the model 6i1 500 crowns a discount and the maximum is a discount of over 5,000 crowns on the model X50 Pro 5G. Xiaomi has been running on Black Friday since mid-November, there is more to the product on offer, but many of the manufacturers on their websites state that they are unavailable. With regard to the Xiaomi offerings and, in addition, more variants of one model, we recommend weeding prices for the specific model and its variant.

What ns amazed

In the first place, we have to put a very untraditional smartphone LG Wing. This is practically a whole novelty that has recently started to sell. In the context of competition, the most important device has two displays that can be turned against each other. The phone went to the market with a price of 29,990 K, but in the case of Black Friday at CZC (we did not find this offer elsewhere), ask it for 19,990 K. What is a fantastic discount on the novelty. In addition, the LG Wing is a completely original device. The question is, how practical is the specific construction, so far we have not had the opportunity to try it.

If you want to try a flexible display, now it will cost you the cheapest 24,990 K phone, I’ve never had it before. For so much, offer the Samsung model Z Flip. The original model with a 5Gst 42 990 K has been improved on the market.

We will stop at Samsung, but let’s look at the very other side of the menu. This is not an announced event in Black Friday, but the discount arrived first at this time and it is not clear whether it lasted. e is about a basic model M11, which piel on the market just before mscem za
4,490 K. You can buy it for 3,690 crowns, which put it in the position of the cheapest Samsung on the Czech market.

We also gave a discount on iPhones, but logically not on models from the fresh series 12. Alza m nyn in action model 11 in a basic variant with 64 GB of memory for 16,990 K. The official price of Apple, which this model will still sell, is
18 490 K.

From the Realme ns offer, the top model attracted attention X50 Pro 5G, which you can buy in Black Friday for 15,290 K. The parameters of the phone will be equal to the top model of the competition and it will be standardized at 20,990 K. And from the wide range of offers, the model is an interesting choice. C3 for ernopten price
2,990 K. In the category of very sunny equipment.

In the case of cheap phones, the price of acne is worth the attention Honor 9X LiteWhat is a jet model with Google Promises. Current cost from 3,990 K, for which you get an FHD + display, 4 GB of operation and 128 GB of user memory. This is not new, but the price / performance ratio is very good. The new 10X Lite model is expensive for a hundred crowns, but it can only use Huawei services.