Chtl si podit selfie s chestem. Nsledn lba vyla na miliony

Mda selfie seems to deprive some users of their reason. Or at least the instinct for self-preservation. He didn’t run away when Todd Fassler ran into a bustle in San Diego, California, during his wanderings. On the contrary, he decided to take a selfie with a poisonous snake. The ensuing money cost three million crowns.


Chest was hidden in metal, but Fassler ignored the warning chest and the khad, on the other hand, approached. His step is all the more incomprehensible because he was breeding at home at that time. The picture with the snake could thus be taken at home as well. The inevitable reaction of the snake did not allow itself to wait, Fassler immediately bit into the shoulder.

At the same time, it was possible to eliminate poison, and some sources say that most such chest bites in self-defense are dry, ie without the elimination of poison. The bite of the chest with the exclusion of poison in most cases manifests problems with blood clotting and tissue damage.

And some species even paralyze me completely. That was also the Fasslerv case. I read. The bite paralyzed the whole body, he described his condition after the tightened British portal Mirror, which brought a photo of his purple pae.

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16. July 2015 at 02:52, pspvek archivovn: 28. July 2015 at 13:52

Remember the Rattlesnake bite story I did Monday? Guy just sent me this pic of his bill. Uhhhhhhh…..

155 lid to sdlreply to tweetblbit

The overall cost of the hospital, including hospitalization in the unit, intensively discourages Fassler from making such nonsensical ideas. Monjsou idvodemzruen his chestho breeding. The Lkai were forced to obtain rebates from two hospitals. The first is the highest half of skull talents, which reached $ 153,161.25, ie about 3.7 million crowns.

It doesn’t matter who paid for this one at the California hospital. In any case, it will be a connection. Even after Fassler, due to the overall situation here and the fact that the whole event did not have to happen at all, I required participation. If the bag does not have a fuse, then he will have to pay the whole sewer sm.