Motorola is preparing a new Razr. It will support st 5G

Especially in the fall, Motorola will see a new variant of its flexible Razr. The design will not be very different, but it will bring some improved novelty. Pedevm will support the st pt generation.

Motorola Razr

Razr is a legendary mobile character. Motorola made a big deal with this model many, many years ago. In 2004, the first introduced lid with the then revolutionary flat design and etched keyboard was very expensive, but it didn’t matter at all. Motorola’s concept for a long time in the form of pmch successors and a phone that resembled Razra so much in terms of speed.

At present, it has long been speculated that Motorola, now owned by Lenov, has the Razr oiv logo in the form of a smartphone with a flexible display. It happened last fall and the result looked great. Unfortunately, the phone went on sale from below and basically caught the coronavirus crisis. In addition, the final product has some flies, so it’s not a real sales market.

We ourselves had the opportunity to test the phone only for the presentation at its European introduction, we did not yet get a sample for the test from the manufacturer, and we cannot assess any shortcomings.

In any case, this is definitely not a failure, otherwise Motorola would not be planning a successor. It should appear in the autumn and the main difference will be the support of the hundredth generation. According to the first image of the product with the code name Odyssey, the manufacturer will not significantly modify the design, it will only take a small string. He doesn’t even reason, the design is great, the phone looks great on the picture and in the relay.

The right design is made to be strong, and according to speculation, the manufacturer should provide a durable flexible display. The first Razr, ie the modern age, did not have full peak equipment, the processor will answer you medium now. This should also change, even with the support of 5G it is not much and is among the most powerful on the market.

The first picture of the phone was published by Evan Blass, who changed the strategy of some of his nobody and does not want to show it for free. That is why he refers to his world on the Patreon portal, where he wants two dollars a month for viewing them, and $ 20 a month for their publication, ie about 500 crowns. After all, even his twitter is not accessible for an unapproved shadow. What many large foreign servers do not like and argue that the photos are not the work of Blasse. In kadm ppad, you can see the whole photo here.

But back to Motorola Razr. The phone has only one competitor on the market, but it is very strong. Samsung Z Flip costs almost the same, ie about 40,000 crowns. The bag has strong hardware and the workmanship is much better. In addition, Samsung has introduced its 5G version, which should be sold soon. Even a Motorola with a 5G Razer can’t be long.