Motorola took out the pond. I have the first 5G mobile phone below 10,000 K and it is great

The traditional Motorola brand introduced its first smartphone with 5G support, which falls into the middle of the past. Specifically, Motorola will add it to the famous Moto G series, which traditionally offers interesting equipment at a good price. The new Moto G 5G plus bag will not be unloaded cheaply, the price will only fall just below ten thousand crowns.

Motorola Moto G 5G plus

The American emblem Motorola in the city of Lenno continues in this year’s solid shift of news. After returning to the spade phones in the form of the Edge and Edge + models and the time equipped with the One Fusion + medium model, there is a new contribution to the Middle class. This is the first Motorola smartphone for this class with the support of 5G st. It is also one of the first 5G smartphones available on the market, in the Czech Republic it will probably be the first to be sold for less than 10,000 crowns.

The first such phone was Samsung, which was announced by the O2 operator, which launched it with 5G in commercial operations in Prague and Cologne. That unknown model from Samsung should be introduced in summer and should go on sale at the end of the holidays. So far, the cheapest 5G phone on the Czech market will be the Samsung A51 5G for 13,000 crowns from July, and a cheaper 5G mobile phone cannot be bought.

Only the sale of Motorola will start driving in mid-July and the price should be 9,999 crowns. For example, the manufacturer does not specify whether the device will use the current pilot commercial operation 5G at O2 (support for the necessary dogs is here, but the problem is the software), so customers have to deal with 4G data rates with the fact that their phone is ready for plon nstup 5G in esku.

Its equipment is Moto G 5G plus much like the two introduced One Fusion + models. It costs 7,999 crowns in the Czech Republic, the two-thousand-year surcharge for 5G is quite striking, on the other hand, there is a series of Moto G 5G plus a better smartphone, not One Fusion +. And he doesn’t really stand out from him anywhere.

The display will be, for example, the display. Although it is still an IPS panel with Full HD + resolution, the great first is the refresh frequency of 90 Hz, which finely redraws the image. In addition, the display has a 6.7-inch depth and a 21: 9 aspect ratio instead of 19.5: 9, thanks to which the Moto G 5G Plus fits in your hand: it’s one Fusion +. The dimensions are specifically 164 x 74 x 9 mm (Fusion dimensions 162.9 x 76.4 x 9.6 mm).

Straight two rings

The display of the new 5G Motorola can thus have one ripple: the double ring in the upper left corner is two holes next to each other, not connected as usual. Malink holes hide two classic and wide-angle selfie cameras, with a resolution of 16 megapixels, and in non-mode, you can put the pixels together for those megapixel shots. irokohl fok is eight megapixels.

On the back of the phone, we can find a mandatory three-piece camera today. The main image has a resolution of 48 megapixels, which is a small step compared to One Fusion + (it has 64 megapixels). Non-mode and connecting pixels are here, the images are 12 megapixels apart and Motorola promises great quality. According to there, there are eight megapixel irokohl snma, ptimegapixel macro fok (pr vs gets ptkrt bl to the object) and finally two megapixel snma for depth of field.

Solid portions of memory

Moto G 5G Plus excels over its sibling from the One series even in basic details: unlike One Fusion +, this 5G novelty supports NFC and therefore mobile payments. The 5G mobile phone will offer a little more power than the One series, thanks to the Snapdragon 765G processor. Although there may be a variant with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, on the Czech market we will find a better design with
6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory are the answer in the One Fusion + equipment and this is also one of the reasons why the price of the Moto G 5G Plus is just below ten thousand. The usual price is set at 349 euros, which would be about 9,400 crowns. The fee for significantly better memory capacity is therefore relatively small.

According to the novelty, it will offer all the typical aspects of the modern Motorola model Wednesday. Android in version 10 is therefore the right user interface to take care of the My UX function, which allows the user to change the shapes of icons, tinted or dog styles. With its specific functions, Motorola concentrates on its own application.

Here you can also set one novelty in the breeding of a well-off shoe, which is also a flowing fingerprint. Double-clicking on the sensor opens a window with popular applications, in which one of the favorite functions can be added directly to this command. This makes it easy for you to automatically start navigating your home or open your favorite website.

Motorola also promises a new vdr battery in the news. Battery m capacity
5,000 mAh and in the package there is a charger with a power of 20 W, which in a few minutes will supply the phone with power for another hour of operation.