Netflix, YouTube and Dal will have to offer 30 percent dl from the EU

The new directive, approved by the European Parliament, requires all audiovisual platforms to offer at least 30 percent of content from the EU by 2020.

Internet services

The audiovisual internet platforms YouTube, Facebook and Netflix will have to offer at least 30 percent of European production. The amendment to the directive was approved by the Members of the European Parliament in plenary in Strasbourg.

The limit applies to the three platforms that offer video on output (VOD).

The new first right is to be approved by the Council, not to enter into force. After the entry into force of this regulation, EU-21 countries will have to adopt regulations in their national legislation.

Omezen nsil i reklam

From 2020, the video server operator will also be required to remove content that incites violence and hatred. Video sharing platforms will now be responsible for responding quickly to content that has been reported or flagged as malicious.

In addition, the law regulates advertising in children’s programs, where it restricts the promotion of junk food and drink. Drugs for tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and alcohol should not be present here at all.

Together with this operator provide a mechanism for protection of personal data. At the same time, there is a measure that will ensure that the data collected by audiovisual media providers will not be processed according to processing for commercial purposes and for the purpose of members of advertising campaigns.

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At noon, Parliament will vote on new rules for audiovisual media. Among other things, they should protect children from problematic content. From info →

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What currently closes with the Internet, which pin videos and movies online, has not yet been regulated. That is why we needed the right of the directive, explains the reform by the co-author of the parliament first, the German social democrat Petra Kammerevertov.

Support for EU cinema

Flowers for Europeans in catalogs of streaming servers are intended to support European cinema. Measures can change individual EU countries if the conditions are not sufficient.

Platforms have not yet been affected, but it is possible that this will mean limiting their operation in the EU or increasing the price of services, so that the price includes European and possible fees in national cinemas, as one of the proposed options, as of 30% obligations to take.

Thus, member rules can apply the rules in cases where the servers will have only a low number of viewers.

The directive thus regulates the conditions for the placement of advertisements for television broadcast providers. It will now make up a maximum of twenty percent from 6 am to 6 pm and from 6 pm to midnight.