they lost their lives, pesto took pictures with an oxygen mask on a plane

Mobile phone self-portraits are, for some individuals, an integral part of life. Even if their lives are at stake.

The plane together

150 passengers were unpleasantly surprised when traveling by United Airlines Airbus A320 on the route from Denver to Los Angeles. While pelleting Colorado, one of the pasar fainted and several others began to feel sick. Posdka evaluated the situation as a dream of air pressure on the deck and had the emergency oxygen mask triggered.

The plane loaded in the base of an emergency pistol at Grand Junction, where it was waiting for the protective darkness. The very cause of this situation is not yet known, so far there has been no technical problems on the plane. Several pasars were taken to a nearby hospital.

However, the situation is curious about how the whole series of pasar has been preserved. Many of them used the unexpected situation with oxygen masks for original self-portraits and uploaded them to social with Twitter.

Sheamus (Twitter)@WWESheamus
22. July 2015 at 18:16, pspvek archivovn: 23. July 2015 at 23:38

Emergency landing in Colorado on a @united flight. Not many brave lads when the masks drop from overhead.

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Among the pairs was the professional wrestling song Sheamus. He comments on the situation: An emergency piste in Colorado aboard United Airlines. There weren’t many statench people here when oxygen masks were launched.

Language (Twitter)@YupItsTripp
22. July 2015 at 18:17, pspvek archivovn: 23. July 2015 at 23:41

On the plus side… I now know how to use the mask really well! #oxygen #UnitedAirlines

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Another Twitter user describes her experience: On the other hand, at least for a really good time, I’m handcuffing an oxygen mask!

David schamis (Twitter)@jamis
22. July 2015 at 18:09, pspvek archivovn: 23. July 2015 at 23:43

#UA447 on the way to LA just emergency landed at Grand Junction – loss of oxygen in the cabin #Unitedairlines

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User David Schamis pe under his selfie from the plane: Flight UA447 on his way to Los Angeles first emergency pistol in Grand Junction. Loss of oxygen on board. In the background of the image is the sun from the previous image.

In an e-mail for the MashableDavid Schamis server, he describes his experience: In the middle of the flight, suddenly someone fainted. The board staff left a shnt doctor. And then I heard someone hang out that the back of the people had fainted. Subsequently, we heard that there was a problem with oxygen. The oxygen masks fell out. At first they said, and only those who did not read for a while, but then they went naked, and let’s all put them on.

Niles Emerick (Twitter)@naemerick
22. July 2015 at 17:30, pspvek archivovn: 23. July 2015 at 23:50

Unexpected stop in Grand Junction on my way to LAX. #thatsafirst #oxygenmask

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An unexpected stop at Grand Junction on my trip to Los Angeles, he gave from a Twitter user.

It is obvious from the situation that the people do not let go of the mobile phone even in the moment when the TV is in great danger. For some, a short selfie can only be seen as a form of distraction in such a complex situation, but for others it is a part of a lifestyle. Not only did the situation develop as well as health, but they have put their finger in a collection of their own crops at interesting moments.