This time vs. otters did not shoot during masturbation, the police reassure

Many e-mail boxes arrived at first about the infection of the given here and the installation of a virus, which the user shot with the help of the camera during masturbation. If the user wants to delete the stolen data and preserve his dignity, he can pay 5,500 crowns in cash. It’s a bag just a plan of the fall.

Snapshot of a fraudulent e-mail

The same advice almost always applies to fraudulent e-mails – do not open it, do not click on plots and links, delete the e-mail.


Full text of emails delivered to editorial mailboxes on Saturday, September 22, 2018

The current wave of e-mails is interesting in that there is no link or area. Just a lousy ethina written text. It should make the user feel that his e-mail has been attacked, and in addition he has a virus (or a Trojan that remotely controls the infected device) installed on his computer (and a Trojan) that secretly secretes the camera with a camera. This recording can be synchronized with the playback video. The email only is the address of the bitcoin wallet to which you can send $ 250 (approximately 5,500 K), after which they will have the sensitive data stolen.

The e-mail bag is not based on the actual attack here, nor the installation of malicious software, it is just a plan of the game. According to the statistics of the wallet tax, the court sometimes works – at the time of the grant, it was almost 6,000 dollars (ie a total of 130,000 K).


Vhrun e-mail will probably both fall on the homeland and someone would rather pay. Zbyten.

Warning before the wave of these fraudulent e-mails on Monday issued by the Police R:

Recently, the waves of summary e-mails, their content is slightly changing. It is a phenomenon that occurs in many countries around the world, in various language mutations. The writer tells the recipients that they have obtained sensitive and sensitive information via a laptop webcam. The following is a summary of publicly available user information and instructions for paying $ 250 in bitcoins within 48 hours (in this particular wave).

The sender of these e-mails does not actually have data for days. Hope you address this claim and pay the required amount.

Police R, is registering these cases, as a result of massive waves warns all users of electronic sweat not to open suspicious e-mails (deleted them, and marked them as spam), listed, or similar e-mails did not respond, and paid nothing. If it has been paid, report it immediately to Police R.

Col. Mgr. Jaroslav Ibehej, NCOZ SKPV

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