Tips for interesting sites: deprived of practice knowledge and payment info

Suffer your brain and help yourself with robots and friends, offer non-traditional tests from several fields at What kind of sickness, pension and certain salary do you get and did you find the info at And click on the data about companies and businesses in one place


Practical knowledge

Where is Kladno, where is tee Ohe or what does the aunt look like? Just a few questions of interest to get rid of the website, which in several ways can practice your knowledge of geography, biology, history and chemistry.

There are several boards of different exercises, which are evaluated by the system. For example, you can get seadit invites by weight according to the weight (you draw cards with their names). Other times, mark on the map where Helsinki is located or where tee selected eka. There are also questions when you have to choose one of the pictures and another file for the bike. In this case, it takes place directly during the test. Authors, make sure you remember anything better when you try it out. If you are wrong, then find out right away. The whole system is not only intuitive, but so playful. I do not miss the practice in the form of memory, blind maps, in context, decision-making, etc. If you know, you can confuse your skills with robots and play nettrin tetris. Friends can also be invited to the soupeen bag, so you can help them with your knowledge online.

Similar to the web practice your brain on-line testy

there is informac o financch

Interested in when you retire, in the new wage, sick or you, do you have the right to social security? Then not only this information can be found on the server.

The website is divided into several st. Kad is intended for other types of people. Information and answers can be found here by employees, employers, self-employed persons, pensioners, etc. There is a link to each of the sections in the section. We will then advise me on loans and lending, how to use consumer loans, leasing, building savings, mortgages, mortgages, etc. No less interesting are Vpots. You have at your disposal a simple wage calculator, in sick leave, relative leave, non-foreclosure wages, and you can also spend your pension, retirement, derived pension, or child allowance, housing allowance, social pay etc. You can also look into the legislation.

Similar to the web ve for personal finance information for entrepreneurs

Available gives about firmch on one mst

On the website, you can get detailed information about more than two million Czech companies and entrepreneurs. Erp data from sales, marketing and analytical database It indexes hundreds of millions of different data from several boards.

Unlike the most important domestic official databases, such as the Administrative Register of Economic Entities (ARES) and, provides data on all won public contracts of the company, clear transfers of people in the boards and supervisory boards on the timeline and names of key managers. including the vocative, what is important for their automated addressing. You have the opportunity to find not only the name of the company, IC, address and first form, but also contact persons, business fields or see the development of the business entity in a clear graphic. This allows for the interconnection of different companies and people over time. The data in the port is updated every day. However, a number of information is available after registration (intended for company e-mails) and can be obtained for some time free of charge, followed by a fee.
Similar to the web register entrepreneur and insolvency register administrative rejstk ekonomickch subject

Uwwwzlo v sti

Google goes through millions of pages every second and records changes from previous states. During this process, among other things, it checks for malware. The information is recorded in its database and is thus ready for further use. They can be easily invoked by Google Safe Browsing. Thanks to the address, replace the link at the end and you can check any website to see if it’s safe.

Is the page written in Italian, French, Korean, English or a completely different language? This will help me find out the service of Just enter the URL of the page and click on the Typealyzer button.

There are a number of reasons for looking for a hunter here and there. Double kindness, lost association, colleague, business partner, etc. Thanks to the Internet, finding people is easier. Furnaces only most of us are more active on me, so it is possible that those who are looking for us will find us according to our fingerprints (blogs, own pages, community portals, etc.). To find you easily, you can handcuff the service. She specializes in finding personal data and profiles. Just enter the first name, first name, city and state and send. The result will be a list of links to the pages where the search terms occur.