Tips for interesting sites: get help with formulas and submitting them

Get to know the interesting cities in the country and record the experience through the portal. Elaborate formulas electronically and send them electronically with the possibility to doloit that this really happened, offer the project And, when you want to advise in the world of finance.


Inspiration on the go

Do you want to go to the market, do you just want to stretch out and get to know new cities? Then, not only for vs, there is a portl pinejc inspiration for trips around the Czech Republic.

You don’t have to be a tourist to fall in love with beautiful corners of the republic. You can visit different cities by car and public transport. If you want to keep your memory and return to your experiences, you can take photos, but get comprehensive information, not only in the field of tourism. This is the purpose of, which presents attractive tourist cities on its website in the form of Tourist Business Cards / Wander Cards = a sticker with coupons that can be pasted into the Tourist Day / Wander Book and create a single album from your travels. There is a map R with information on the website, where you can get business cards. All business cards can be viewed and the route to them filled. If you forget to buy one, then you can order it from the website. In addition, on the news pages you will find interesting tips for wandering through the Czech countryside.

Similar to the web Eskch tourist club where to fly

You stop going to ad

It is the duty of many entrepreneurs and companies to communicate with selected series electronically, especially in the area of ​​tax administration, but also for social security. So don’t go out and communicate with the series, but first with companies electronically?

The portal can file income tax returns, value added taxes, insurance claims and data from one city through data boxes and in the form of a recognized formula. It is intended primarily for entrepreneurs, but it can also be used by companies or the general public in cases where you need to fill in and submit some of the available forms. On the portal, you will find more than 300 forms that can be used to communicate with any ad for free, without you even having to try to find what can be enough, confirmed and document. For example, there are apologies for cycles, a lot about GDPR, a review and a lot for entries from various registers. By filling in the formula, you will take care of the simplest and at the same time unquestionable way of sending a specific amount of the document and there is no risk that the recipient will make excuses, that the e-mail and phone call did not take place. Anyone can wall up the data box for free on any pot or on any ad where they have CzechPOINT. Sent and delivered first, the owner of the date tag is shown immediately in the data box, I even have the information about the fact that he had something to drink in the date tag sent to me by SMS or e-mail.
Similar to the web data box sthnte si rzn formula

When finances give joy

Manage modern personal finances, save a crown and at the same time get services without unnecessary effort, and promises in comparison.

It is a kind of esk e-shop with finances. From home, you can order the overwhelming product of the most important banks and insurance companies. In addition, with the certainty that you can compare the offers with each other, and thus get the best one suitable for vs. The integrated online comparison works with more than 2,000 offers from 193 companies. Financial products in 18 categories can be compared with this project. There are various comparison calculators available, which after a few parameters show how you could spend and save when changing mobile operators, energy providers, based on retirement savings, refinancing mortgages, mandatory guarantees, etc. On the portal you will find other tips on how to optimize sv finance.

Similar to the web kalkulaka mobilnch tarif compare fuses online

Uwwwzlo v sti

If you want to invoice from anywhere where the Internet is available, then try He can not only create invoices, but also entry records, including generating formulas for VAT returns and documents for tax returns.

Financial literacy is a project that aims to create financial literacy and develop teachers. It focuses mainly on prevention, and therefore helps especially the basic and middle-aged and young generation. There are several areas available on the web, it contains a lot of information that helps you know the world of financial literacy.

If you are interested in how to start a pub and do not want to go through the tables and various first, then visit the Cashier Monitor project. It is run by the Ministry of Finance, and in a clear form you have the opportunity to learn a lot of information on how to manage finances first and foremost, and to the same municipalities.