What about supertlatko pidat? Reklamn mgov drank for billions

It sounds like a small thing, but a new idea for a super-top purchase can change the world of online stores. Although the number of users who access the Internet via a mobile phone is constantly growing, only a few of them buy a phone like that. There is a billion-dollar market selling through mobile phone displays.

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Just imagine: according to various surveys, the average hunter spends three hours a day grabbing his cell phone. Only the sale of goods on the Internet does not answer this. The hunter is, in short, a comfortable creature, and instead of floating the order of the formulas on the display of the mobile phone, he prefers to hide.

There are billions of markets behind the sale of goods via mobile phones. Even games such as Google, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest are aware of this. And let me think about how to change the practice now, informed The New York Times (NYT). Rod is thus a unique projector for easy purchase via mobile phone.

In practice, this should work quite trivially: under one button, Buy will be hidden in what you are used to using the Internet when ordering from an e-shop. So, filling in the delivery details, credit cards and therefore paid. Short: one press and the goods are at home.

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One of those who promotes super-pay is Denise Chapmanov, fka sandiegsk advertising agency. She spent how many hours a day spent looking neatly and holding a kite on her mobile phone, but when she spent some time actually buying something, she preferred to open the Dell store instead of her iPhone and float the formulas more comfortably through the pot keyboard. She didn’t even buy through the phone, to Chapman.

First of all, this psychological block of the phone user is being broken down by a number of companies. The idea of ​​a simple shopping button is not the same, so new, new is its concept. One-click purchases are offered by registered Amazon users. And first in the registration there must be a big difference compared to him; new buttonBuy should serve as a universal means between the user and retailers.

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Such a system is mainly for data security. It is common for the user to have their information about their credit cards on their phone, but they are still hidden inside the application. Get such data universally on the Internet and at the same time it is enough to secure it for technology giants in these problems.

It is obvious that the purchase potential shifts to the displays of mobile phones. Andrew Lipsman, vice president of marketing at comScore Research, told NYT.

You need to be convinced by the advertisers

The universal Buy button would, for the big game in the world with Google, mean a way to make a lot of spirals falling from advertising on the web, because the mobile internet, where traffic is moving, doesn’t pay as much. In short, you won’t put so many ads on the display of your mobile phone, and their activity is still running.

In addition, he announced to Google that this year, for the first time, people searched for his search from the mobile internet, not the full-fledged one. According to the analytical company eMarketer, the value of sales of advertising on the mobile website is higher for the first time in the USA this year, not at full value: 12.85 compared to 12.82 billion dollars.

around the next few years it is to convince users and advertisers of a clear link between mobile advertising and sales of goods. This would increase the price of mobile advertising formats. If the bag pushes Buy to succeed, it tells, according to NYT, what it did to the retail sites themselves. In the wall of easy shopping through large internet services, the autonomy of their own websites could be completely lost.