You break your tongue over the name of the new glass samsung. But listen to him

Samsung introduced quite a bit of news on the August arrest. Introducing the new Note 20 models and then the second generation Fold Fold smartphone. It will bring some practical improvements and thus extend the name.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

Samsung introduced the first phone with a foldable display last spring and, after some ups and downs, started selling it last autumn. He then got to the Czech Republic later. This year there will be a follow-up that will preserve the construction, but will bring some improvements.

Before the August premiere of Samsung, information was leaked about most of the news, including the new Folder, which also applies to images. From these, one can get a pretty good idea of ​​where the manufacturer will move the second generation of warehouses.

Let’s not get into the changes, we have to learn the whole name of the news. And that’s not an easy thing at all. If the first generation was simply called Samsung Galaxy Fold, then the second generation was marked by two models of the series, where Foldy started Samsung. In the name, the generation is marked and thus one of the essential features of the phone. Also, get to know the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G.

We just have to get used to Appendix 5G until it’s standard. The second in the name is logical, included in the series of puzzles itself, but simply with the name of the city, it was quite complicated. Samsung invented the new Z series at the end of the year when the Z Flip was introduced. This will obviously belong to your phone with a folding mechanism and a flexible display. Samsung also included the first Fold in it, but did not change it again.

The basic concept of the phone is preserved, and no one else expected anything else. Also, the kind of Fold will open like a book. This time, the phone will be able to control the phone quite well even when it is closed, the external display looks striking in a small area. The relatively small external display on the first generation is limiting for full-fledged work.

On the novelty, the external display will have a 6.23-inch depth, the original Fold will have only a 4.6-inch panel. Its relatively larger shape is given by the size of the whole device. The distinction should increase from the original HD + to FHD +.

The main panel thus increases from 7.3 inches to 7.7 inches. The city of a large car on a set of cameras gets a lot of ruiv ring. It will also have an external display, in the original version it was not necessary, the display did not take up the entire front area. The main display will have a refresh rate of 120 Hz and should be rugged than its predecessor.

The folding mechanism should also be improved, even if its complex principle of zstv. The phone will have two batteries, together with a capacity of about 4,500 mAh. And of course, given the label, the phone will support st 5G. Whether this will be fully true or whether the LTE version will also be on sale is not clear yet.

The start of sales is not known, enough money will happen a little later after the premium. The price includes a similar amount as the first generation, ie about 55,000 crowns. The first generation currently costs 45,990 crowns.